Thursday, November 24, 2011

Clean week. Day 1.

(I am currently working on the contented woman blog which I will post sometime next week... But in the meantime)

I think its time to 'clean house' when it comes to my digestive system.  I have been less than pleasant to it the past 6 months, and its starting to show (not only in stored fat but in heartburn, increased headaches, and many other issues).  This is why I came up with 7 days of clean dinners that Tal and I will TRY to stick to!

I hope that through this and the combination of omitting sugar that we go through a mild detox, and come out of it feeling refreshed and determined to not fill our bodies with junk again!

Today is day one! I'm trying to keep breakfasts simple, some sugar free organic oatmeal with peanut butter,miso soup,or leftovers from the night before. I'm going to make enough at dinner time that both Tal and I are able to take left overs for lunch as well!

Tonight I am making "rice waffle with vegetable melange" which is found in "the kind diet."  It sounds interesting! Its a brown rice waffle (or pancake in our case because we don't have a waffle iron!) topped with a miso steamed mix of veggies!

I'll pictures/recipe tomorrow morning :)


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