Sunday, November 27, 2011

Clean eating week, day 3.

So you can't expect everything to always be peachy. 

Tal works night shifts, and I know that in the grand scheme of things, its not so bad, BUT, nevertheless we're finding it pretty hard. Anyways, I always really look forward to Saturdays because I see tal from the morning all through the night... But sometimes when you have high expectations... They flop.

So we hit up some hardware stores, came home and then tal slept for 4 1/2 hours. I don't blame him, he totally needed the sleep, but I had my heart set on a dinner date at the naam (a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in kits)... Oh well! :P you roll with whatever comes your way! Tonight Tal is getting a lot of sleep, so maybe we can do something tomorrow! (perhaps get a Christmas tree!)

On the food front, everything was pretty darn'd tasty! You can tell my bodies detoxifying though, I'm like a walking pimple...ew... It is nice to know that the toxins are making their way out though! 

A few new things... I bought flax seed oil today, which is super high in omega3 and omega6.  I'm supposed to take 1-2 tsp a day... But it smelt gross so I mixed it in with something I probably shouldn't have... A blueberry, coconut icecream milkshake! Yes, I had sugar, but I made it three days without it, and I can always start fresh tomorrow!

Thats another thing I wanted to talk about, I really like eating vegan and vegetarian dishes, in fact I rarely cook meat for Tal and I, and when comparing vegetarian to vegan dishes, there's no doubt that vegan is healthier... That being said I'm pretty flexible. I may have a soft spot for cows and pigs, and I may have cried when I saw a little pig on tv the other day, but the main reason I like to cook vegan is for the health... But if you invite me over for turkey dinner, I'm down. I figure that eating really healthy food thats good for the environment, and good for us is great, but putting people in an awkward situation by not being able to eat their food... Sucks. (any vegan/vegetarians reading this, I realize I have been officially shunned... :P)

Oh well. Moderation, respect, and the freedom to change my mind!

For dinner we had the most delicious sweet potato and lentil stew, with corn bread, and sauted spinach! I'm blogging from bed and I don't have the recipe with me, so I'll do the recipe tomorrow. Tal and I both voted this meal a 10/10!

Anyways, I'm thinking of doing a pantry list post for anyone interested in going organic, experimenting with some vegan dishes or just wants healthier ingredients in their cupboards! I'm thinking a picture dictionary style with each item and their health benefits! (the silliest things get me excited!)

Alright, off to bed to read!
Have a peaceful day.

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