Monday, October 3, 2011


I guess it's in the whole spirit of Thanksgiving, but I've been thinking on this post for a while now... it just happens to work well because Thanksgiving is next week!

I am so incredibly thankful for how our lives are going.  Each day is a new adventure and each prayer is always answered.  It's amazing.

I guess this is going to be a list of sorts, but a detailed list.

A lot of people debate that there is no difference to a relationship whether you're married or not, especially since a lot of people live together before they're married anyway, and I counter that with, "well then why do people get married then?" :P Actually, I really believed this up until the moment I was married, I really didn't believe there was going to be any change in our relationship, except dealing with physically living with each other. Boy was I wrong.  I think being married is one of the most fulfilling feelings psychologically.  It's like before we were two people who loved each other, and now we're a unit, a family, legally.  It's amazing, and I'm so thankful to be in a loving family with Tal.  It's so amazing.  So yes, I believe there is definitely a difference to your relationship whether you're married or not.

The cool thing about getting married young, well married at any age I guess, is that there is a lot of growing and changing that you do together.  Both Tal and I didn't marry each other for who we used to be together, or for how we envisioned the other person to be in the future, we married each other for exactly who we were at the exact stage of life that we were at on our wedding day, both full well knowing that we'd be changing a whole lot more.  I think that's really important, to understand that your spouse and yourself are both going to continue changing throughout your whole marriage, and that your commitment to each other is stronger than those changes.  You roll with whatever change gets thrown your way.  I'm so thankful that Tal married me for me, and not for who he thought I'd become, or for who he fell in love with 5 years ago.  There's no stress in a relationship that allows for change on either side, as long as love and your commitment to each other remain in the center.

I'm  so thankful for all the changes that Tal has gone through this year.  He's become such an amazing man, and I'm so proud to be his wife.  I've joked about this before, but I really want a  button or a sweater that says, "I am the proud wife of an amazing husband."  He is so thoughtful and caring, and always looking out for me.  To try and show how much I think of Tal I'll tell you that the other day I was driving home alone from Aldergrove and trying to write a song about how thankful I was for him, and I couldn't sing it, because I couldn't stop crying.  He really is so amazing to me, and really, I am incredibly proud.

Our car! I'm thankful for our car!  Carlotta is really cute, but like we learned with the first apartment, the cute factor wears off really quickly.  The car was such a miracle to us, she was given to us for free at a time where we really needed her, and Tal was able to commute to and from work with her, and she really did help us get everything we needed to get done.  It was amazing though, even when things got bad, and she stalled at every intersection, both Tal and I had a sense of peace, that because we knew God had given us Carlotta, that she would continue working until a new car arrived.  We knew that we didn't have to stress about looking for a new one, because God was going to provide for us. 

If there's any lesson I've learned this year that I'm most thankful about, it's that God really will provide.  There's no use stressing, or worrying, if he takes care of the birds and the wildflowers, he most certainly will take care of us.  I still catch myself worrying, each time something comes up where I don't know where money/transportation/food is going to come from, but each time it's a little bit less, and Tal is so much stronger in this area, he always just says that he knows that God will provide for us, because he has in the past.  You can't say it's coincidence, it just isn't.  God has completely provided for our personal needs.  It's amazing.

I'm incredibly thankful for the family of friends that we've been able to be a part of.  Everyone from my close friends, to bible study friends, to church friends, they all just feel so much more like family to me.  I feel like my church has grown to be a lot stronger relationship-wise, and the same with a lot of my personal relationships.  I had a thought earlier this summer that if there ever was a situation where Tal and I needed a lot of help, and no provision from God had come, that he would provide for us through our "family." I have no doubt in my mind that our church family would help us in no matter what sort of situation we were stuck in.  We're so grateful for that.  It's so powerful to have a group of people that you know will stand by you.

I can only thank God for all of these things, but one that I find incredibly miraculous, is that every single time Tal and I think we're going to be tight for money for the next couple of weeks, EVERY TIME... we're given unexpected money within the next couple of days.  We've never gone without.  I think I'm going to get $500 and I get $1000, someone from church gives us a cheque, there's extra money from the government, there's just money, and we are so thankful.

I feel like God has been building us, so that no matter what life throws us, we won't be shaken because we know that God cares and provides for us.  No matter what.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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