Wednesday, September 14, 2011

everyone has their ideal day.

Everyone has a criteria for their ideal day, regardless as to whether they know it or not.  Think about it, what would you include in your absolute ideal day?

This is my criteria for an ideal day: (these aren't in chronological order)

  1. Time with God in the early morning before the sun comes up.
  2. A made bed.
  3. Seeing Tal's face right when I get up.
  4. Time in conversation with someone (or several people) that I love.
  5. Doing a job or activity that I feel in my element doing.
  6. Cooking or baking something delicious.
  7. Getting outside for a bit, rain or shine.
  8. Time being encouraged or inspired by other artists.
  9. Dinner at the dinner table.
  10. Standing at my front door, wide open, looking out.
  11. Lots of music.
  12. Reading a really good book.
  13. Learning something on YouTube or other Internet source.
  14. Praying and meditating.
  15. YOGA
  16. An excellent cup of coffee.
I think if I implemented all of these things in a day, it would be a pretty ideal day... it's definitely not my everyday, but I think a little bit gets in everyday :)
What's your criteria for an ideal day?

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